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How did Tantra become our life path?

(...) for the body, but do not have the same effect as a real spiritual practice.   Effects Seeing the material and non-material effects  that the secret & Yoga & meditation brought us, we got additional motivation to further develop, because (...) even more our motivation and thirst for knowledge. We will write soon about the tangible effects (from how people around us changed and how we got our first house) we experienced (...) later. Generally we knew for sure there is something else stronger giving you even greater effects. It was necessary to search and it lasted a few years. Yoga and meditation and the secret work, the effects are often quick but not necessarily immediate ....   Tantric Massage In winter, we wanted to receive a (...) nearly two-week course and experienced the tantric massage techniques on ourselves, and Natalia could feel the effects of massage on her own skin. Seeing it with our own eyes, learning how to move energy and seeing immediate cleansing effects were the biggest motivation to continue to learn seeking knowledge in the ancient tantric texts and (...)
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