Nudity and shame – why do we feel shame about nudity?

Czemu wstydzimy się nagości?
Nudity is a natural state of the human body, yet many people feel ashamed to expose it publicly or even privately. Why does this happen? Why do we feel shame about nudity? What makes nudity so controversial and uncomfortable for the majority of people? In this article, I will share both the psychological and energetic…
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Vaginismus, what is it, symptoms, treatment methods, therapy

Ból - pochwica - opis

Wstęp, Etiologia i klasyfikacja, Pochwica pierwotna, Pochwica wtórna, Objawy, Dyspareunia, Aspekt psychologiczny, Metody leczenia, Lekarz i diagnoza, Psychoterapia, Fizjoterapia uroginekologiczna, Dilatory, Alternatywne metody leczenia, Osteopatia, Techniki relaksacji, Oddech, MBSR, Wizualizacja, Joga, Masaże tantryczne, Styl życia, Terapia łączona
Wstęp. Mimo to kobiety przez lata znosiły bolesne stosunki czy brak możliwości współżycia. Temat ten do niedawna był pomijany w mediach i pozycjach popularnonaukowych. Dodatkowo niespecyficzne objawy prowokowały do postawienia mylnej diagnozy

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2023 – Personal development best books – Ranking the Top 7 Reads

Ranking personal development books
Reading books broadens the mind. In addition to this, you can gain valuable knowledge and significantly improve the quality of your life, and the best books will help you with this. However, personal development is a very vast field and is teeming with publications on the subject. That's why, when choosing the right read, it's…
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Yoni mapping therapy – what is it?

Yoni mapping - mapowanie oni - flower-kwiat
Yoni comes from Sanskrit and although it means external and internal female genitalia, it has primarily a religious-spiritual meaning. It is the source, the beginning of everything that exists - life and the entire universe. It is a truly sacred space. It is worth knowing what yoni mapping is. Intimate areas deserve full respect, but…
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Tantric massage as a perfect complement to the treatment of depression healing

depression healing - a woman with depression
Today we will show you what a great support for treating depression and depression healing can be tantric massage. At the beginning, however, we want to emphasize that depression is a disease and the sick person should be under constant observation of their doctor. Nothing can replace proper pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy - especially in…
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