Take a break this vacation season with a tantric massage.

Let yourself slow down and rest in this holiday time 🙂


We love to help you thanks to tantric massage! We know it because we can observe every day the wonderful effects that tantric massages bring not only to the body but also to the mind and spirit, so we want so much that all of you can benefit from the power of all-encompassing bliss, lightness and pleasure.

We don't know how to fully relax

We now have a holiday period, in the end, after several months of hard work we can go on vacation and relax. Not so much indeed. The body, whose health and regeneration we did not care regularly, starts to work differently, not as we would like it to work. In the beginning, thoughts circulate around tasks and affairs; does everything we left at work or at home is under control? Okay, it seems that everything is working well. We can "let go" and suddenly adrenaline drops and if it goes well we lie down by the swimming pool without special energy and mood. Some people begin to have different emotions with which they do not want/cannot communicate in the daily routine - sadness, grief, anger. Or we just realize that we lived each day in such low vibrations and negative emotions that now it's hard to "climb" for joy, peace, bliss to just to enjoy and relax yourself.

Take a break, maybe for the first time

Recently so often Clients come to us with intentions for massage: peace of mind, deep relaxation, dropping ballast, sense of bliss, access to high vibrations.

You can read about the power of intention during tantric massage here: Sexual energy in tantra – Law of attraction

Let yourself rest, rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. Tantric massage is perfect for dropping physical and mental ballast so that you can take full advantage of your desired rest.

Things have happened so that this year you do not go anywhere to relax for longer time - for this you need a quick and effective way of renewing your energy to work and live for months to come. You are not unbreakable. You will see how your body will thank you for your care.

That is why we have prepared for you a Holiday Promotional Package, which is valid until the end of July.

How to get a massage at the Anahata Tantra Temple?

Order a tantric massage via the request form: Book a tantric massage

We invite you to relax in full bliss and lightness!


Paula Natalia Sergio

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