How will I feel after a Tantric Massage Session

The purpose of tantric massage is to load up the body with vital energy, through which follows a very fast cleansing/healing and which creates the space for pleasure and bliss to come. Most people after a tantric massage session feel more relaxed, light, as if something heavy fell down of them. You can feel that the fatigue and tiredness that always accompanied you, disappears, and in its place comes in positive energy for action. You can feel more love and satisfaction from life 🙂

Usually people start to look different to others. After a session, family, friends and acquaintances may state that something changed in you, for example that you emanate peace, goodnes, sensitivity, or that you are more self confident and have more power.
People that come to us for tantric massage usually say that more often people want to hug them, and generally become more lovable than usual.


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