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Self-esteem, and how to believe in oneself, how to love oneself?

How to love oneself? Our life consists of many aspects. All elements should be consistent with each other so that we can say that our life is successful, that we are satisfied with ourselves. Unfortunately, it turns out more and more often that most people think quite differently. And above all, they are not concerned…
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Gift to the inner child

Inner child - returning to natural joy and pleasure in life Croissant and a feeling of happiness I woke up at 9 am, sat down at the table, ate a croissant with raspberries, drank a very good coffee, had an interesting, though stormy conversation with my loved ones and felt - how much I love…
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Promotional Spring Package – wake up your life!

Wake up your life in Spring! Tantric massage - spring renewal of body and spirit Spring is a perfect time for the renewal of body and spirit after a dull, winter, especially in Poland. Although the weather is not yet spoiling us we are slowly starting to wake up from the winter sleep. Our body…
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Tantric massage and healing sessions

tantric massage
Tantric massage Tantric massage is a relaxing, soothing and healing technique of bodywork. It is a very sensual journey to the inner self through sexual energy, which according to Tantra is sacred and deeply respected. With the tantric massage we endeavor to awaken vital energy (which is sexual energy) in every cell of our body. We move this energy…
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