2023 – Personal development best books – Ranking the Top 7 Reads

Ranking personal development books

Reading books broadens the mind. In addition to this, you can gain valuable knowledge and significantly improve the quality of your life, and the best books will help you with this. However, personal development is a very vast field and is teeming with publications on the subject.

That's why, when choosing the right read, it's worth referring to the current ranking that includes the top 7 personal development books for 2023. The year is still full of new, sometimes old, noteworthy publications and it's worth staying up-to-date.

Which personal development books are worth reaching for? Where is it good to start?

1. The Power of Spiritual Development – Sergio S Dorje

"The Power of Personal Development" by Sergio S Dorje is an excellent proposition for any reader, regardless of your level of advancement. The author discusses the most important issues of personal and spiritual development in an accessible way, based on numerous studies and his personal experience. Readers will learn many interesting and useful things about meditation, tantra, energy, relationship building, and goal setting. Moreover, the author warns against dangers and harmful practices, as well as toxic groups and teachers. You'll learn to recognize red flags in self-development – saving both money and health. This is certainly one of the must-read books that can change life for the better!

2. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

Perhaps you often feel that you are unable to do something, but the reality is that you are the one who imposes restrictions on yourself. Joseph Murphy talks about this in his book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind". You'll learn how to completely change your approach to life – cast off pessimistic thoughts and fears. The book contains practical advice on how to achieve your goals and use affirmations. It is full of examples, tips, and even tasks that effectively encourage self-work.

3. Rich Data, Poor Dad – Robert T. Kiyosaki

The next, already iconic personal development book worth reaching for is "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki. The reader will learn how to manage their budget wisely – not just how to spend money, but also how to invest capital and profit from it. The book is full of real-life examples and valuable lessons the author encountered on his journey. Thanks to the valuable tips, eventually, the roles will reverse, and money will start working for you, instead of you working for it!

4. The Child in You– Stefanie Stahl

Each of us has an inner child, though many people are not aware of it. Meanwhile, Stefanie Stahl in her book "Discover Your Inner Child" identifies three parts – the Sun Child, Shadow Child, and Adult. Depending on the situation, they may take over while you experience difficult emotions or cannot control your impulses. These parts of our psyche form during adolescence and significantly influence our entire later life, so it's worth getting to know them better. The book will not only impart valuable knowledge but also help regain balance and joy in life.

5. What the bleep do we know!? – William Arntz, Betsy Chasse i Mark Vincente

The book "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" discusses many extremely important topics touching not only on self-development but also backed by knowledge in the field of quantum physics. The book will answer your questions about such elusive phenomena as consciousness, thought, or emotions. This is one of those reads that will change the way you perceive reality and effectively prompt you to reflect and marvel at the perfection of the universe.

6. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

"The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle introduces the reader to a completely new reality, dominated by peace, living in harmony with oneself, and balance. The author convinces that everyone can start living in accordance with themselves, abandoning patterns or living in constant stress. The reading is primarily self-work – it will help to reach the deepest fears and overcome them. Eckhart Tolle shows the reader that you can live here and now, you don't have to wait for changes to come, you can start creating your new, better life today.

7. Huna – Serge Kahili King

"Huna" by Serge Kahili King is primarily based on ancient Hawaiian knowledge. The reader will learn how to use it in a completely new, previously unknown way. It primarily helps in achieving your goals and discovering the huge potential and power that lies within each of us. The reading is an extremely useful tool on the path to self-discovery and creating your environment and emotions. Serge Kahili King is known primarily for his many years of work with shamanic traditions of peoples from around the world. He pours the knowledge acquired from teachers from the most remote corners onto the pages of his book to share it with you!

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