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Anorgasmia – Lack of orgasm in women and men

Anorgasmia, lack of orgasm in women
(...) sensation and improve feeling in intimate areas. This process occurs thanks to two key elements: Yoni mapping and lingam mapping - Yoni mapping is a technique of mapping the genital area, which allows for neuro-routing and the creation of new neural connections in (...)
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Yoni mapping therapy – what is it?

Yoni mapping - mapowanie oni - flower-kwiat
Yoni comes from Sanskrit and although it means external and internal female genitalia, it has primarily (...) and the entire universe. It is a truly sacred space. It is worth knowing what yoni mapping is. Intimate areas deserve full respect, but do women give their Yoni the attention it deserves? What is yoni mapping ? The body, mind, heart, and soul are interconnected. All difficult experiences, emotions, and traumas, if (...) anxiety, discomfort, and muscle tension. Women accumulate the most tension in their pelvic area and yoni. Therefore, they may have various blocks within them for years that do not allow them to fully enjoy life and sexuality. Yoni mapping, sexual disarming, is a process aimed at deep healing of the body and soul. This extraordinary work based on trust has already changed the lives of many women. Yoni mapping will restore joy to your life. It will make you fully enjoy your sexuality and closeness with your partner. Yoni mapping comes from Ayurveda, and although we have gained knowledge and practice from many teachers in (...) for us to gain practical experience under the guidance of such an outstanding master. Who is yoni mapping for? What are the indications? Many women do not derive much pleasure from their sexual life (...) emotions related to these experiences may have been trapped in the body, accumulated in the yoni, and prevent enjoyment not only in sexual life, but also in life in general.
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