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Tantra – black tantra, red tantra, white tantra – what are the differences? Explanation

(...) complete happiness, self-realization, and overcoming significant barriers are just some of the many possibilities that Tantra offers us. The positive energy emanating from tantric practices and teachings has caused it to (...) of Buddha's awakening even within a single lifetime. A brief description of the history of Tantra is available on YouTube in a video that I recorded. The true path of Tantra, also known as Traditional Tantra, as we know it today, dates back to the 2nd century CE, but the knowledge itself, i.e., Tantra , is much older and is around 2500 years old. Initially, it was practiced exclusively (...) This tradition reached Poland in the 1970s, which means it arrived 1800 years later. Sutras i Tantras I will try to explain Tantra in a simple and easy way. I am still learning it myself through meetings with (...) to share this knowledge with you by providing a summary of the most important information. Tantra is a part of Buddhism. When we use the word Tantra on our website, we mean Traditional Tantra , and not other distortions mentioned later in the article. Buddha was a human being (...)
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