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Tantric energy tested by science
Our teacher supervised by scientists

In this video our Tantric Massage teacher, Somananda, presents the effects of tantric energy healing under the supervision of Danish scientists and medical professionals. All tests are performed under laboratory conditions. (...) results far exceeded expectations; scientists simply could not explain what they saw on their monitors. How does tantric energy, sexual energy works? As we can see from the video below, scientists try to give an answer, how (...) orgasm without being touched. See also what happens and the scientists'reaction when the TV host (non- tantric man) tries to repeat the same movements Soma did. The following text comes from Somananda's official (...) alternative and non-mainstream practices. For us, while having no doubts about the multi-level healing effects of tantric full-body energy orgasms, it was a novel and exciting experience. Is it possible to measure Tantra using (...) show? Test #1: The Heat Camera Our first stop was at the Technical University of Denmark, where the energy session was filmed using heat cameras to see whether there were any significant changes in (...) measure whether anything changes in the behavior and communication of the neurons during an orgasmic energy session. And… a great deal changes! Dr. Christina Brock (PhD), research team leader at Aalborg University Hospital, (...) peace and quiet to heal from any illness. There is a strong connection here! The energy session led by Somananda strongly increased the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system in both (...)
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