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How to prevent Coronavirus and virus flu. Increase the immune response.

how to prevent coronavirus virus infections
(...) much smaller microscopic particles that inject their genes into the organism cells and the cells star t to replicate and reproduce and "multiplicate" the virus. Thus, viruses need cells in order (...) time to take care about the body. Most people feel the body only when something star t to give sense of pain, or when high fever manifests itself. Good and regular mindfulness (...) that pollute our mind. Meditation is good for it to be a regular practice. For example star ting twice a day for 15 mintues. Of course the longer the better. But even (...) lack of sleep affected also genes associated with cancer and diabetes. When those people back started to add 1 hour of sleep to their routine, for it to become 7,5h per night, the same genes had the opposite effect - instead of being active, star ted to be non-active. It's worth to note that going to sleep and waking up 8 (...) a prayer to Angels, etc. Herbs and plants to help fight virus, coronavirus and bacteria infections Star anise (Illicium verum) As some know, conventional academic medicine and the whole pharmacy, often takes "inspiration" from (...) compound with the healing benefit is separated and medical drugs are created out of it. Star anise is one of those exaples. Star anise contains shikimic acid, which is used by pharmacy to produce an antiinfluenza drug such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Apart from shikimic acid it has been discovered that star anise contains a plenty of other healthy flavonoids, like as terpenes, lignans, and phenylpropanoids, (...) ingredients have been proven to have high anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-microbial. It is scientifically proven that Star Anise reduces stress and helps in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.
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