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Psychological sexual blockage – what is it and what characterizes a blockage towards sex?

sexual blockage
Sexual blockage and how to deal with it? Sexual blockage . It is said for a reason that our brain is primarily responsible for our (...) regulates our sexual tension, sexual attraction, arousal, and desire for intimacy. It can also create blockages against physical closeness. Where does a sexual blockage come from and how to deal with it? What is a sexual blockage and how does it manifest? Sexual blockage is also called sexual frigidity or sexual anorexia. It affects both genders, but is more (...) experience sexual arousal or at least a desire for physical closeness, but there is a blockage against engaging in sexual activity. Sexual frigidity can also be characterized by insensitivity to sexual stimuli, lack of arousal, appropriate responses (...) withdrawal from sexual life. This is difficult not only for the person affected by the sexual blockage , which is independent of their will or desire, but also for the partner of (...)
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