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Tantra – the quickest way to a full awakening

Modern spirituality and religion are mainly associated with the path of renunciation and suffering. According to this view, to consider ourselves as a spiritual person we can not experience pleasure, and we can not derive satisfaction from (...) the holy man must be as poor as a "church mouse". In this article, we wanted to compare two different approaches in Buddhism about how to realize its greatest potential.   Buddhism, Sutras, pleasure and Tantra According to the expert of Buddhism Myrdhin Reynolds Vajranatha all the teachings and practices of Buddhism can be divided into three vehicles to enlightenment or Triyana. To understand the difference between them, you can use the example of deadly poison. When a Hinayana (...) on his path poison of passions, he simply avoids contact with it, so he renounces to the worldly life and to the contact with all pleasures. A Mahayana practitioner does not have
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