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Yoni mapping therapy – what is it?

Yoni mapping - mapowanie oni - flower-kwiat
(...) if not worked through, accumulate in the body. This can be felt as anxiety, discom fort, and muscle tension. Women accumulate the most tension in their pelvic area and yoni. Therefore, they may have various blocks within them for years that do not allow them to fully enjoy life and sexuality. Yoni mapping, sexual disarming, (...) is also a great expert in Chinese medicine. It was a great honor and un forgettable experience for us to gain practical experience under the guidance of such an outstanding master. Who is yoni mapping for ? What are the indications? Many women do not derive much pleasure from their sexual life (...) and great-grandmothers, when men were the only ones who could derive pleasure from sex, and for women, sex was just another chance to get pregnant. In addition, many unpleasant experiences from the (...) prevent enjoyment not only in sexual life, but also in life in general. Yoni mapping is for you if... You don't feel satisfaction from your sex life.You only achieve clitoral orgasms, don't have vaginal orgasms during intercourse, or don't experience orgasms at all.You feel discomfor t during sexual intercourse such as dryness, pain, or tension.You feel like you have some (...) establishing close relationships with men.Your relationships with men deteriorate or burn out after a while.You for m a relationship with a man, but feel that it is not a fully loving (...)
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