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Trauma and how to safely overcome it – How to recover from trauma?

How to recover from trauma
(...) said about how to recover from it. As a result, it can sometimes be triviali zed and misunderstood, though it certainly shouldn't be. Trauma, a word originating from Greek, means a wound. A wound on the human psyche. Is every wound to the psyche easily categoriz ed as trauma? The answer is no. In a psychological sense, trauma is an injury. It's (...) illness. Each situation is interpreted differently by each individual." Symptoms of trauma – How to recogni z e if you are suffering from trauma Diagnosing trauma isn't always obvious and straightforward. The symptoms (...) in processing the trauma. It's important to choose a professional who is experienced and speciali zes in such cases, to ensure the assistance is realistic and as tailored to the situation as possible. Trauma is a serious issue and should not be trivializ ed. Denying feelings or pretending they don't exist is not helpful, although it's a common (...) dealing with traumatic experiences. Remember, what's at stake is the quality of our life and health. Bibliography Zawadz ki, B., & Strelau, J. (2008). Post-traumatic disorders as a consequence of the catastrophe. Science, (...)
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