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Meditation and Energy Connection During Tantric Massage

Medytacja i połączenie energetyczne
(...) connection - during a true tantric massage, it is necessary to take care of three dimensions: outer, inner, and secret. Inner dimension Meditation and energy connection between the person giving the massage and the person receiving it (...) the parasympathetic nervous system To prepare the body both physically and emotionally for the massage Outer dimension Energy connection Establishing boundaries The room (space, place) Respect for the body Secret dimension In order to submit to this process, the place where it takes place is essential. (...) place for tantric practices, we must also pay attention to the inner, outer, and secret dimensions. But in this article - when it comes to the place - we focus only on the appearance. We will write about the internal and secret level of the place in another article. What does meditation before starting a massage (...)
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