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Meditation and energetic connection in tantric massage

Medytacja i połączenie energetyczne
Genuine tantric massage is a unique practice based on three main dimensions: external, internal, and secret. Understanding and harmoniously integrating these aspects is crucial for achieving the full benefits of a tantric massage session. Inner dimension In tantric massage, meditation and the energetic connection between the person giving the massage and (...) body to a relaxation mode. Physical and emotional preparation – creating optimal conditions for deep bodywork. External dimension The energetic connection, setting boundaries, appropriate space, and respect for the body are key elements of the external dimension. Taking care of these aspects helps create a safe and harmonious environment for the massage session. Secret Dimension The secret dimension refers to the subtle energies and atmosphere of the place where the session takes place. (...) appearance and preparation of the space, and we will write about its internal and secret dimension s in a separate article. Benefits of Meditation Before the Massage Session Meditation before a tantric massage (...)
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