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Purpose of tantric massage – state of bliss. What is it?

(...) it comes to concepts related to sexuality and tantra. For example in English there are two concepts orgasmic and orgastic. The word orgastic connotates an orgasm felt at the level of the genital organs, and orgastic refers to the state of (...) mind experience of the so-called higher states of consciousness. Bliss state is not associated with feeling orgasms on a physical level, instead during a massage we can experience energetic orgasms, which are extremely healing and cleansing energetic  blockages, which are harmful to our physical and mental health.   Healing effects of the bliss state Because we receive (...) massage are based primarily on the regular practice. Bliss arises naturally when our physical body and energetic body raise their vibration, at this point we connect with our true essence, because our mind calms (...)
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Tantra workshop for couples

(...) to feel its inexhaustible power that comes from the ground; techniques that will lead to multi- orgasms and full body energetic orgasm s, for both women and men!!! about breathing techniques that can change your intimate life (...)
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