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Tantric massage course for couples – deep connection magic

Tantric massage for couple s - the magic of deep connection. Values of life - my "why" Lately, the time is (...) which I am willing to share with others. We are increasingly working in the Temple with couples and it is amazing for me to watch how, thanks to tantric massage s, people in long-term relationships open up to themselves, learn completely new spaces and quality (...) man and the relationship will be devoid of roots and power. Regular practice of tantric massages also widens awareness and leads to spiritual development. Tantric massage course for couples - my "what" At Anahata Tantra Temple we conduct courses in tantric massage for couple s. In an intimate, family and private place we take a safe journey into the depths (...) are very conscious of what is going on, we go down as deep as a couple is open and ready to go. We only work with one
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