What is the duration of a tantric massage?

The first massage session can be 3 to 4 hours long as it includes an introduction talk, meditation, integration, time for preparation and after-massage-talk. Tantric massage is from 1 to 2 hours long. You can choose the length of your session when filling out the booking form taking into consideration that the whole meeting will be 1,5h or 2h longer than the massage time.

Before the massage begins, a meditation known as the "Three Temples Connection" takes place. In this practice, the client and the masseur sit close to each other, creating a deep connection on the levels of consciousness, heart, and body.

During the meditation, as per instructions, the foreheads of the participants touch for several seconds, symbolizing the connection at the level of the third eye. Then, the masseur's right hand rests on the client's heart chakra, and the left hand on the second chakra, located below the navel and above the intimate areas. The hands remain still, without any sexual undertones.

A short segment of this meditation can be seen in the video from 00:20 to 00:35 seconds: YouTube video link.

Possible Sensations and Alternatives

At the beginning of the practice, some discomfort may be felt due to the initial physical closeness. However, this meditation is crucial as it helps release tension before the actual massage.

If you feel uncomfortable with the touch involved in this meditation, it is important to communicate this beforehand. The meditation can be performed at a greater distance and without physical contact. In every situation, the client's boundaries are fully respected.



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