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Tantra – the quickest way to a full awakening

(...) he renounces to the worldly life and to the contact with all pleasures. A Mahayana practitioner does not have to avoid contact with the poison, because he has the antidote, which consists in meditation of emptiness or Shunyata. Instead a Vajrayana practitioner when encounters the poison does not avoid it, nor apply the antido te as he is not afraid to come in contact with that poison, because he knows (...) such as anger, hate, irritation, etc., while developing positive qualities such as love and wis do m. According to Sutrayana one should avoid and even better to steer clear of all (...) that this is the path of transformation of mud into gold, and so instead of do ing like adept practitioners of sutras which steer clear of poisons of the mind, tantra practitioners look (...)
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